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Hi, my name is Rachel and I am the Mum behind Mission Magnets.

I created my very first set of magnets as a way to stop my morning routine of nagging and yelling at my children.

I managed to turn my family life around and I’m passionate about helping you do the same.

I developed Mission Connect to support parents of young children to strengthen their family connection and nurture a visual routine.

Allowing them to have a calm, happy home and truly enjoy the precious moments of parenting.

What is Mission Connect?

Mission Connect is about nurturing your child’s independence and self-esteem by means of routine, reassurance, fun and family connection

We all know children thrive within a routine.
A predictable routine builds a sense of security and having boundaries helps children to feel loved and protected. However, implementing a routine and more importantly, sticking to a routine is not without its challenges for both children AND parents

I want to take the overwhelm away not add to it so I will be giving you bite-size and actionable tips and tricks to help you achieve a calm and happy home.

Mission Connect gives you the framework to successfully weave family connection into your everyday life. You will receive the information and the resources to keep your children encouraged and your family life thriving.

Monthly Activity Pack

To help keep your children engaged and to give you easy ways to build your family connection.

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Kindness Buckets
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The Mission Kids Club children range from 2.5 – 13 years old.

Here is a sample of some of their artwork and activities

Are you ready to have a calm and happy home?

Setting a foundation of connection, communication and organisation
is the best thing you can do for your family now to prepare for the often turbulent times of the teenage years.