Stop trying harder and learn how to try different

Work with an ADHD Coach to enable you to harness YOUR BRAIN so that you can create the life YOU want to live.

Come together to share, learn and connect with your fellow ADHDers in a safe and supportive environment.


In this group coaching program you will learn…


  • A deeper understanding of how ADHD effects the brain and the executive functions.
  • Explore how ADHD presents for YOU and how to create your own strategies to lessen the challenges ADHD can bring.
  • Dive into Emotion Dysregulation, Rejection Sensitivity Disorder and how to manage the big and intense feelings.
  • Tips for creating healthy habits and breaking unhealthy ones.
  • Dig into challenges with motivation, procrastination and perfectionism.
  • Tools and strategies to support struggles with working memory and time blindness.
  • Get a better understanding of self talk and how it effects our actions.
  • Discuss the importance setting and maintaining healthy personal boundaries.

What a participant had to say…

Rachel has changed my life personally and professionally thanks to her coaching. I’ve been able to learn how my brain differs from a neurotypical brain but how all aspects of my ADHD over together throughout the various aspects of my life.

She has provided me with not just the right to tools to better function but the ability to ask the right questions of myself and review the answers.

As someone who struggles with social “awkwardness” I was a little worried about how I would fit into a group coaching program but it was so much fun to be apart of. I learnt so much about myself from listening to others and having so many “me too” moments. Being apart of the group has enabled me to pick up little techniques and “life hacks” that along with the tools Rachel has provided will assist me moving forward in life.

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need to attend this program?

The minimum is a smart phone the the zoom app downloaded. However, it will usually be a more enjoyable experience the use a laptop or a desktop computer that has a web camera.

If you are not familiar with zoom. I am more that happy to run a practice session prior to the event.

Zoom is really user friendly, even if you are not techy.

Who is this course for?

This program was created for Adults that have ADHD, it will be particularly beneficial for those that want to understand ADHD better, particulary those that are newly diagnosed.

I don't have a formal diagnosis but I think I have ADHD, can I join the group?

YES. I understand that there are many barriers to receiving an ADHD diagnosis. If you feel you may have ADHD and feel you struggle with many ADHD symptoms then I am sure your will gain something from the group.


Will you be running the program at other times/days, this time doesn't work for me?

Yes I will be running the program again at different times/days to accommodate others.   Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss what other options I have or are planning.  

I don't have ADHD but my loved one does, can I join the program?

Not this particular program. However I will be launching a couples program and a parenting program in the near future. Join the waitlist for these below.

What do I do if I already know a lot about ADHD and just want coaching?

While there is a learning component in this program we are also focusing on strategies. You will also be setting some goals for yourself and there will an opportunity to discuss them in the group.

You can also check out my 1:1 intro coaching package

If you are unsure book a coaching enquiry with me and we can have a chat.

What a participant had to say…

This program gets you out of the silo you put yourself in. It makes you realise that your adhd mind is normal and there are others just like you which is great!! All while learning some practical methods to help you in everyday life.

Rachel is a strong and confident woman who knows people and adhd. She has life experience and isn’t afraid to bring that to the table. I have gained so much from this course and fortnightly coaching. I truly cannot recommend Rachel and her courses enough.

Join the waitlist for this and my other group coaching programs

What a participant had to say…

I was unsure of a course like this, as I was diagnosed in my 40’s and felt past help. This not only reassured me that I wasn’t alone in my feeling, but gave me a lot of different strategies to help deal with different aspects of my ADHD.

What a participant had to say…

The group coaching program run by Rachel was informative, interesting and insightful. Rachel did a great job of sharing how the ADHD brain works and also encouraging group members to share their own thoughts and experiences. I can highly recommend it!

Not sure if this program is for you?
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Hi, my name is Rachel Daldry (ACC, CACP, DipCouns), ADHD Coach and Counsellor

I am passionate about assisting people to work with their brain and create the life THEY want to live. My ADHD journey began six years ago when my daughter was diagnosed, which set me on a path of researching ADHD, the brain, and positive psychology.

My work began with supporting overwhelmed parents, a situation I was all too familiar with, and this is when the spark was lit inside me that I could help others not feel like they were failing. It’s a dark place that no one should get stuck in.

That spark became a fire when I began coaching and focusing on working with people impacted by ADHD. Working with another person to help them find their flow, work through their challenges, find their purpose, and feel like they are progressing is a gift.

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialed coach and Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) credentialed ADHD Coach. In addition to this I have completed the ADHD Clinical Provider course, which included trainings from world-renowned ADHD experts such as Dr. Russell Barkley, Dr. Ari Tuckman, Dr. Saline Sharon, and Dr. Ned Hallowell.

I am a Licensed Counsellor and have a special interest in working with couples. I have completed Gottman Couples Therapy Clinical Training -  Level 2.

In addition to this, I am a Certified Positive Discipline Parent educator and have completed an additional accreditation with Dr Jane Nelson ‘Keeping the Joy in Relationships”.​

I welcome the opportunity to work with Adults who have ADHD or their family members.

Here’s what a client had to say…

I found working with Rachel to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and felt her approach as a collaborative supporter put me at ease. Rachel is professional without feeling clinical or sanitised, and holds space for emotional connection when appropriate. She does not spoon-feed you all the answers, rather encourages you to explore what you think will work for you and ask why to deepen your understanding of yourself. I have learnt valuable lessons I will be taking with me into the future and am very thankful to Rachel for offering her services.