The Turtle

Knowing our personality priority allows us to have a deeper understanding of ourself and helps us to have better relationships with those that we love.

  Having the personality priority of comfort, you are easy going and flexible when you are
not stressed. You are independent and self-sufficient. You try not to live a stressful life
and are happy doing your own thing in your own way. Comfort is important to you and
you also like those around you to feel comfortable and relaxed. You enjoy the pleasures
of life and people like being around you. You are rarely demanding of others and don’t
feel to need to interfere in others’ lives or to be judgmental. You are understanding
and empathetic.

Having Comfort as your personality priority means you have a strong desire to stay
within your comfort zone. You are a peaceful person that is happy with their own company.
Because comfort is a priority, when you are stressed you tend to redraw and disengage
from those around you. You are uncomfortable with change and that can lead you to
stick with what you know and not try new things.

When you are stressed you tend to go over-react and complain, snap like a turtle and
then retreat back into your shell. You can become emotionally distant from those
around you in stressful times.

How your Personality Priority affects others
Your natural desire for comfort means you are resistant to any change that requires you
to step out of your comfort zone. This can be frustrating for those around you. You often
try not to deal with situations head-on and use avoidance which can have a negative
effect on your relationships. You can have a habit of brushing off
or making light of emotional situations to avoid dealing with a potentially stressful or deeper issue. You don’t
want to burden others with your own fears and needs but this can mean you miss out
on sharing a connection with others.

How you can grow and better relationships now you have this
Try and recognise when the feeling of discomfort it just due to change/growth and
allow yourself to move through it at your own pace rather than recoiling.
Give yourself permission to make adjustments but try to keep moving forward,
you are a naturally cautious person and often need to do things in your own time. Be honest with
those around you and tell them what you are feeling. Lastly, ask those around you
what they are feeling rather than assuming that you know, this will help you to build
deeper, more connected relationships.

What you need from those around you when you are stressed
When you are stressed and overwhelmed you need people to allow you time and
space. Pushing you and rushing you will be counterproductive. You need people to
listen quietly and encourage you by helping you to take small steps.

Ultimately you want to feel have your own space and to operate at your own pace.
You want an easy-going, uncomplicated life where you can feel comfortable and not have conflict.

Information provided is based on Adlerian Psychology and Positive Discipline Principles