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I remember the guilt I would feel after I had flipped my lid and lost it at my kids, these days my mornings are pretty good (most of the time lol) if you are feeling overwhelmed I am here to say it doesn’t need to be that way.

Over the 5 Days we will look at…






This is not a challenge about add a visual routine,
it is a more holistic approach to gain a deeper understanding

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am the Mum behind Mission Magnets and Mission Connect.

I created my very first set of magnets as a way to stop my morning routine of nagging and yelling at my children. This lead me on journey of researching child behaviour, psychology and brain development with a special interest in ADHD and emotional regulation.   What began as self help now has led me to become a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator with my desire to help other parents experience the shifts I have been able to achieve.

I managed to turn my family life around and I’m passionate about helping you do the same. My girls are now 11/13 and are entering a notoriously tricky stage of parenting but I am proud to say our family has never been so connected and we all feel ready to deal with any struggles life throws at us. We are a family team.

I developed Mission Connect to support parents of young children to strengthen their family connection and use positive parenting strategies incorporating visual routines. Allowing them to have a calm, happy home while raising independent, capable and resilient children.

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