Couples Coaching – 8 Session Package

All sessions are 45min with the exception of the first session which I allow up to 90mins as needed


1st session (longer session) – this process includes an interview with the couple.
2nd & 3rd sessions are individual interviews with each partner.
Couples also complete online questionnaires which provide comprehensive data on the relationship’s strengths and challenges. You will receive log-on information after the first session and you will have 1 week to complete. These assessments are private and confidential.
4th session FEEDBACK on the results of the assessment is provided, and the recommended areas for intervention are discussed. This phase yields a scientifically-based, personalized treatment plan from which interventions are selected
Therapeutic Intervention:
5th – 8th sessions and beyond – In this phase, structured interventions that are designed to strengthen friendship, intimacy, and conflict management are introduced and practiced in each session. Couples learn to replace negative conflict patterns with positive interactions and repair past hurts, and begin to create shared meaning and purpose in their relationship. Throughout the coaching, ADHD education will take place as required.
We will reassess at the 8th session where we are at and what level of support is required. I recommend a tapering off rather than an abrupt stop so shifting to fortnightly, then monthly etc.