Package includes 6 weekly 45min coaching sessions
additional support via email/SMS

As your Coach, my job is to help you to take information and skills that you already have and
(1) to make decisions about which changes you would like to make (including [list of coaching targets/goals] ),

(2) to develop a personal “action plan” in order to make those changes,

(3) to implement your action plan and make the behavioural changes, and

(4) to develop strategies to maintain the changes you have made. I will support, encourage, teach, and help you stay “on track” toward your goals.

You, as the Client, set the agenda for your coaching, and your success will depend on your willingness to define and take risks and try new approaches. You can expect your Coach to be honest and direct, asking straightforward questions and using challenging techniques to help you move forward.

You are expected to evaluate your own progress, and if the coaching is not working as you wish, you should immediately inform your Coach so we can both take steps to correct the problem. Like any human endeavour, coaching can involve feelings of frustration which accompany the process of change.