If your child has an NDIS plan, you may be able to use the funds to pay for the course. Please check with your plan manager and contact me if you need a tax invoice.

6 week virtual course
Learn parenting tools and strategies in a relaxed, fun and judgment-free environment

Would you like to:-

  • Yell Less and feel more in control of your emotions
  • Have your child listen to you better
  • Reduce power struggles and defiance
  • Have more fun and feel more connected
  • Feel more calm and confident in your Parenting
  • Raise capable, confident and respectful children
  • Have your family feel and act like a team

Learn life changing mindset and understanding
of both yourself AND your children.

The parenting course has provided really practical and useful techniques that has made real improvements in our family life. I experienced a lot of self realisations about how I was impacting the dynamic in our family and how making simple sifts in perspective can help with that. The content was very useful and support materials very professional. Rachael is very experienced in applying her real life coaching experience to your unique situation. All in all I could just recommend the course enough.” – Mum of 8 year old child (with ADHD diagnosis)

In this course you will learn…


  • A parenting style that is respectful without being permissive.
  • Research based parenting tools and strategies grounded in Adlerian Psychology.
  • Problem-solving skills that will help your family now and that your children can take into their adult lives.
  • Ways to understand yourself and your child better.
  • Brain science incorporating the work of Dr. Daniel Seigel “Whole Brain Child”.
  • Tools to encourage resilience and capability in your child.
  • The power of language and how to use it effectively.
  • Discipline and why methods of the ‘good old days’ don’t seem to work.
  • How to set firm boundaries AND follow through.
  • Decoding the communication behind Negative Behavior.
  • Managing Sibling Rivalry.
  • Learn how to deal with Power struggles and Defiance.
  • Implementing Family Meetings and Routine.
  • How our actions can add to our challenges.
  • Incorporating the work of Dr. Jane Nelson (Positive Discipline) & Dr. Ross Greene (Collaborative & Proactive Solutions).

‘”I haven’t felt my best ‘parent’ self with my 2nd child due to her wild (WILD) tantrums so it felt so great to work some of this through with Rachel.  She’s so easy to chat with and non-judgmental. Rachel provided very simple, clear, really practical advice and strategies that helped me remove a lot of my emotions and me focus on my child and what she needed during those extra big ‘outbursts’ (even at 4am!)”

This course popped up out of no where at a time I needed guidance and support the most. Rachel is engaging, genuine, and made me feel comfortable. I felt I was failing my son but now realise I was simply lacking the tools and insight. I am truly so grateful.” – Mum of 6 year old child

Raising your child is arguably one of the most important jobs we do, yet we are often the least prepared for it.

Think of all the training you have done for your other jobs.

Would do any other job just winging
it and learning as you go?

“My own upbringing was in no way ideal and before having children I was determined to be the kind of parent I wish I had. Fast forward to raising my 8 year old, I found myself angry, overwhelmed and worst of all repeating many of the things that scarred me from my own childhood. It was like I was challenging my own mother no matter my best intentions. Doing this course gave me another way, it gave me a way to break the cycle”

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need to attend this course?

The minimum is a smart phone the the zoom app downloaded. However, it will be a more enjoyable experience the use a laptop or a desktop computer that has a web camera.

If you are not familiar with zoom. I am more that happy to run a practice session prior to the event

Zoom is really user friendly, even if you are not techy.

What age children is this course for?

Positive Discipline is effective for all age children, in fact the lessons you learn will help your relationships with all people including adults. However, the activities and framework in this particular course is aimed for parents of children ages 4-12.

My child has ASD/ADHD will this course be suitable?

YES! Positive Parenting focuses on understanding, connection, respect, routine, and kind but firm boundaries. All of these things are a great benefit to all children but especially children with additional needs.  Also as parents when we have better understanding, tools and support it allow us to be the calm in our children’s often challenging storm.

Personally I have a special interest in ADHD, highly emotional and strong-willed children as I am raising one myself and it have been an integral part of my studies.


Will you be running the course at other times/days, this time doesn't work for me?

 Yes the plan would be to run different times/days to accommodate others.  Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss what other options I have or are planning.  There is also a recording available if you feel you can attend most of the sessions but not all.  If you are not sure… lets talk.

My partner is not onboard with this style of parenting, is it worth doing the course?


YES! While in a perfect world we would love to be on the same page with our parenting partner, the simple fact is that more often than not we aren’t. This framework is not an all or none system, it actually focuses on respectful communication for ALL and often can help bring couples together even if they have a difference of opinion. 

Whether you are parenting under the same roof with a partner, co-parenting separately, parallel parenting or completely flying solo – this course will help.

“Rachel is a kind and compassionate mentor who brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her sessions are incredibly informative and have helped my family immensely. She has given me the tools and skills to be able to connect with my children on a whole new level. ” – Mum of 8 & 10 year old children

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Mission Connect Scholarship

Sometimes our most in-need families have the least access to support, particularly families of neurodiverse children that have so many additional challenges to face both emotionally and financially.  I understand that Psychologists, OT, Speech, and other specialist therapies stretch families to, and beyond their limits, especially those that are not eligible for NDIS support.  If you are committed to making some positive changes in your family but the course fee outside your budget please contact me.

Please Note the Mission Connect Course Scholarship is capped at 1 placement per course.

"Getting an ADHD Diagnosis for my daughter and adjusting our parenting style has been life-changing for my family. It has been amazing how a few changes made such a difference to calmness and happiness of our whole family."

Hi, my name is Rachel, ADHD Coach & Parent Coach and creator of the visual routine system Mission Magnets.

I created my very first set of routine magnets as a way to stop MY morning routine of nagging and yelling at my children. It was also after my youngest daughter's ADHD diagnosis when another world was opened to me and I finally realized why despite all my efforts parenting had seemed so challenging.

This led me on journey of researching child behavior, psychology and brain development with a special interest in ADHD and Emotional Regulation.

With a passion for learning and a desire to help other parents not to feel like they were failing. I went on to became a Positive Discipline Parent Educator with an additional accreditation in ‘Keeping the Joy in Relationships”.

Then continued my training to become a Life Coach. I have completed ICF (International Coaching Federation) approved training and submissions to the board and are waiting on the review process to obtain my ACC credential.

Recognising that the people I mainly support are impacted by ADHD and with my existing knowledge base and experience regarding ADHD.  I decided to specialise in this area and became an ADHD Coach. I am currenting training with Dr. Alan R Graham, PhD at Mentor Coach, USA on a pathway to be certified by the PAAC (Professional Association of ADHD Coaches).

While my journey began working with parents I have found I am currently working with Adults that have ADHD prodominently.